Apr 03

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 SJ9S Series of joystick can be considered as successor of our finger joysticks series. SJ9S is a Hall sensors contactless, multi-axis controller providing long life positioning control. Hall sensors can reduce installation depth and further improved price-performance ratio. Even RS232 and USB output meet customers’ different requirements.
SJ9S controllers provides a 3 axis joystick with trigger and button options. Handle designs with up  no buttons, one button and two push buttons. This terse, low-profile joystick utilizing non-contact Hall effect technology, SJ9S Series joystick is designed for low operating force, clean environment applications requiring enduring accuracy and precision. Typical application on video control equipment, electric wheelchairs and medical equipment.
Technical information
1.Based on ergonomic principles, modeling small and operation comfortable.
2.Fingertip operation, spring return.
3.Three-axis large operating angle in any direction.
4.Handle top with different number of buttons
5.RS232 or USB connector output.
Ideally suited to applications where a small joystick is desired for multiple functions the SJ9S offers an economic and efficient solution.