Apr 03

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Nowadays, more and more industries are depend on the heavy machines. Controlling these machines is essential to improving productivity and maintaining safe working conditions. Before to handle the real machines, the operators need learn and train. Simulators help to resolve this issue. Simulation is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process or system. It is a technology that helps training operators facing dangerous or high risk situations, and offers an opportunity to practice difficult maneuvers without any risk, providing operators with high safety environment skills. In short, simulators do everything that cannot be done in the real machine for safety reasons.
Our joysticks play an important role in the simulator. When choosing the control system, we must consider applications involving long life, precision, low noise requirements and more and so on. With the professional technology, we can anticipate those needs with innovative simulation solutions for mining, agriculture, construction and other application types.
Single, dual axis, potentiometer, hall, USB output, various handles and different number of buttons can meet different requirements. These industrial joysticks provide more realistic operation than gaming joysticks do. They are suitable for both table-top mounting and for use in a new operator chair of simulation. The joystick model is multi-purpose, and may also be used with many of the simulators. Push-buttons for the thumb, plus a trigger or finger wheel switch enable us to change our viewpoint by looking to the left/right, looking up/down, and by changing the viewing mode during the simulation. The USB electronics are built right into the base, so the joystick can be connected directly to PC.
As a leading supplier of joysticks, we will provide you with specific plans for your project. We understand that your success lies in getting the correct solution for your problems.