Mini simple inverter 
1. Exquisite workmanship, compact structure
2. Unique dual-core technology, more secure, more reliable
3. Selection of the best quality imported materials

Illustrations for Product Model
Diagram of Keyboard
Technical specification
Rated power kW 0.7 1.5 2.2 0.7 1.5 2.2 3.7
Output current A 5 7 11 2.5 3.7 5.1 9
 rated voltage V Single-phase 220V Three-phase 380V
rated output frequency The maximum can reach up to 400Hz by programming
Power supply Rated input voltage/frequency one-phase/three-phase 220V  50Hz/60HZ;
three-phase 380V  50Hz/60HZ;
Allowed voltage fluctuation +15%,-15%
Allowed frequency fluctuation ±5%
Control feature Control method Optimize the control of space vector SVPWM and flux vector
control range of frequency 0.1~400.0Hz
Frequency precision Digital setting:0.01%
analog instruction:0.1%  (max. frequency)
Digital command:0.1Hz
analog instruction:0.1Hz
Acc-Dec time 0.0 ~ 3600s(separate setting of acceleration/deceleration time)
four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time are optional
multispeed running Built-in PLC programming is running in multiple speeds
multispeed running is controlled by external multispeed terminals
Built-in PI automatic control system can be set up easily
Built-in counter With the combination of built-in PLC, automatically-controlled production line can be achieved
overload capacity model G -- 150% rated current per minute
model P -- 120% rated current per minute
Braking torque About 20% (it can reach up to 150% whenever there is braking resistance)
V/f mode Three preset V/f model and V/f model which can program arbitrarily
Automatic energy-efficient operation Energy-efficient operation can be achieved by changing V/F curve automatically according the condition of loading
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) it can stabilize output voltage automatically whenever there is change for the voltage of grid
Running function preset running instruction preset panel and preset external terminal
Setting of frequency Digital setting
setting of analog voltage
setting of analog current
Input signal FDW/REV instruction
Jog option
multispeed control
regular stopping
external fault
Output signal Failure alarm output (250V/2A contact)
open-collector output
Protection function Over current、 overvoltage、under voltage、overheating、overload、default phase、anti-stall voltage/current
Display Parameter setting、information display、fault indication
environmental  conditions operating environment Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Humidity <90% RH
No condensation
operating situation Indoor (it must be protected from corrosive gas or dust)
Altitude: no more than1000 meter
storage temperature -20℃ ~ +60℃
vibration Less than 5.9 m/s2(0.6g)

Dimension for Installation

Model Mounting Dimension Dimension Pore Diameter(mm)
length(mm) wide(mm) length(mm) wide(mm) high(mm)
0.75G~2.2G 141 80.5 152 89 123 5.2
0.75G~2.2G keyboard installation dimensions: length = 115 mm width = 115 mm