SJ200 industrial joystick

Product Features
1. All metal structure, fully sealed design
2. Single shaft friction positioning, the median with zero self-locking
3.The output format: potentiometer output, hall voltage output, standard voltage
4.Long life conductive plastic potentiometer, import OMRON current can reach 125V5A, reliable performance
5.Mechanical life is more than 5 million times
6.Has a good waterproof, moisture-proof, shock resistance performance
SJ200 industrial joystick, mainly used in coal mine hoist, oil hoist such as hydraulic proportional control and variable frequency motor control.

Technical Specifications
Environment Specifications
Storage temperature normal temperature
Operating temperature —25℃~+80℃
Installation of flange protection grade IP56
Vibration amplitude of vibration ±3g, frequency 10HZ-200HZ
Shock 20g, 6ms, half sine type
EMC anti-interference grade 100V/m, 30MHZ-1GHZ, 80%Sine-wave modulation, satisfy EN 50082-2 (1995) standards
Transmit grade 150KHZ-30MHZ, grade B, satisfy EN 50081-2 (1993) standards
ESD anti-interference grade Level 4, 8kv contact discharge, 15kv air discharge, satisfy IEC 61000-4-2 standards 

Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical rotation ±32° (potentiometer)   ±20° (hall sensor)
Operating torque 7.5N(50Nmax)
Mechanical life 5,000,000 cycle
Mechanical tolerance ±0.5°

Electrical Parameters
Hall type
Power supply voltage 5±0.5VDC
The power consumption of current 6.5 mA/each hall chip
Resolution  Infiniti
Maximum voltage 15 VDC continuous
Reverse polarity maximum voltage 14.5VDC
Load resistance 5KΩ
The median voltage (no-load) 48~52%Vs
Power supply voltage DC24V
Power supply current <20mA
Resolution  Infiniti
Resistance (10%)  5KΩ, 10KΩ
Electrical rotation ±32°
Output voltage range (Relative voltage) 0~100%;10~90%
Maximum voltage 48%~52%
Potentiometer maximum load of voltage 32VDC
Maximum power consumption (25 ℃) 0.25W
The direction of the switch Switch position ±3°

Product Configuration
No. Project Content
1 Industrial SJ200 Industrial Joystick
2 Operation Direction M-friction T-automatic spring return MS-friction with self lock TS-spring return with self lock
Operation Direction
Electrical Output Form
Table SJ200-1
Hall Output
HV1:DC5V 0-2.5-5V
HV2:DC5V 0.5-2.5-4.5V
HV3:DC5V 1.0-2.5-4.0V
HV4:DC5V 1.25-2.5-3.75V
Potentiometer Output
P1:Ordinary two directions output
P2:Ordinary single direction output
V1:DC24V-10V~0~+10V voltage output
V2:DC24V+10V~0~+10V voltage output
V3:DC24V-5V~0~+5V voltage output
V4:DC24V+5V~0~+5V voltage output
V5:DC24V 0~+10V voltage output
V6:DC24V 0~+5V voltage output
  I1:4 wire4mA~12mA~20mA current output
I2:4 wire20mA~4mA~20mA current output
5 Potentiometer Type 1K,2K,5K,10K,20K,H-Hall
6 Quantity of Switch Quantity of Switch Signal 01, 02 and 03. Refer to appendix 4-3 of conventional closed form
7 Common Closed Position
8 Handle Type Refer to appendix 1-1~1-9
9 Mounting dimensions Refer to appendix 3-1
10 Remark Line with, special instructions, do not need not.
Common Closed Position
Wiring instructions
Potentiometer output
DC24V Power,voltage,current output
Hall type voltage output

Production Installation