SJ600 industrial joystick

Product Features
1.Spring automatic reset
2.Uniaxial, biaxial arbitrary direction and three shafts operation
3.Button is optional
4.Can choose the output voltage range according to the requirement
The series of industrial control level is mainly used in electric wheelchair, video control equipment.

Technical Specifications
Environment Specifications
Storage temperature normal temperature
Operating temperature —25℃~+80℃
Installation of flange protection grade IP56

Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical rotation ±32° (potentiometer)   ±20° (hall sensor)
Operating torque 1N(50Nmax)
Mechanical life 5,000,000 cycle
Mechanical tolerance ±0.5°

Electrical Parameter
Supply voltage 5±0.5VDC
The expendable current of power 6.5mA/Each Holzer chip  
Resolution infinite
Maximum voltage 15VDC continuous
Reverse polarity maximum voltage 14.5VDC
Load resistance 5KΩ
The median voltage (no load) 48~52%Vs

Product Configuration
No. Project Content
1 Industrial SJ600 Industrial Joystick
2 Operation Direction  T-automatic spring return
3 Operation Axis
Operation Direction
Electrical Output Form
Table SJ600-1
Hall Output
HV1:DC5V 0-2.5-5V
HV2:DC5V 0.5-2.5-4.5V
HV3:DC5V 1.0-2.5-4.0V
HV4:DC5V 1.25-2.5-3.75V
6 Handle Type Refer to appendix 1-1~1-9
7 Remark Line with, special instructions, do not need not.
Wiring instructions
Red: 5VDC
Black: GND
Blue: X axis
Yellow: Y axis
Green: Z axis
White: Switch 1
Orange: Switch 2
Production Installation