SJ800 industrial joystick

Product Features
1.Spring automatic reset
2.Uniaxial, biaxial arbitrary direction and three shafts operation
3.Can carry a button
4.Simple structure and convenient in installation
5.High quality imported switch, electric current of 250V10A
SJ800 industrial control level is suitable for electric vehicle motion control, electric wheelchair, robots and man-machine remote video operating system, industrial control, heavy mobile machinery equipment, measuring system, navigation system, studio stage lighting equipment, military equipment system.

Technical Specifications
Environment Specifications
Storage temperature normal temperature
Operating temperature —25℃~+80℃

Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical rotation  ±20°
Operating torque 1N(50Nmax)
Mechanical life 5,000,000 cycle

Electrical Parameters
Supply voltage 125V5A; 250V3A;250V10A
Each switch has three terminals, normally open and normally closed contact points.

Product Configuration
No. Project Content
1 Industrial SJ800 Industrial Joystick
2 Operation Direction T-automatic spring return
Operation Direction
4 Quantity of Switch Quantity of Switch Signal 02(89). Refer to appendix 4-3 of conventional closed form
5 Common Closed Position
6 Handle Type Refer to appendix 1-1~1-3
7 Remark Line with, special instructions, do not need not.

Production Installation

HD1, HD2, HD3, HD4 without the buttons, and HD5 has the button.