STW1 industrial joystick

Single-axis small joystick
Product Features
Thumb joystick
Self return
Hall effect angle detection,long life
Typical application on any joysticks and operation panels.

Technical Information

Mechanical features
Travel angle ±42°
Operating type Spring return
Breakout force 2N
Operating force(max) 11N
Maximum allowable force 100N
Expecting life >100,000 cycles
Weight 15g
Electrical data
Hall effect
Power supply 5.0±0.5Vdc
Supply current 10mA
Maximum allowable overload voltage 30Vdc
Reverse maximum allowable voltage -15Vdc
Output linearity tolerance <±0.2V
Environmental data
Operating Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Protection level IP67 (Only for the electronic part)
Product Configuration
type STW1 -  □□□
Code    ①   -    ②
1. Product type
STW1 series joystick

2. Output signal
H51 Hall effect, each axis of single hall sensor,5Vdc power
supply,0.5~2.5~4.5V output voltage
H52 Hall effect, each axis of single hall sensor,5Vdc power
supply,0~2.5~5.0V output voltage


Product Installation
Electrical Connections
Wire Application Color
1 5v red
2 0v black
3 OUT green