SRS-1 foot Pedal

1. General Layout Non - Contact Sensing Technology. This drawing is satisfied with FMVSS124. International Patent Pending. 2. Mechanical Conditions - A static pedal force is applied at a point of 150mm from the pedal pivot axis and perpendicular to the pedal surface. (Initial Load : 0.9kgf(MIN),Full Throttle : 3.3kgf(MAX) - End-Break force : 160kgf5kgf will not damage any pedal parts. 3. Electrical Conditions 1.0 Environmental Conditions: Operating Temperature : -40C ~ +85C Storage Tempe

1.Vcc  : 5V, 12V, 24/48V, 80V 
2.Switch : 电子开关 & Micro Switch test: 10,000,000 times
4.IP67 Sealed & EMI Resistant
5.Signal Type : Single, Dual output, PWM, CAN ( SAE J-1949 )
6.Pedal Angle : 39deg & Pedal Travel Angle : 17.5deg