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Product Features

● Rugged components designed for the construction environment

● Potentiometer tracks for angular-detecting

● Friction held and spring return

● Center-lock is a mechanical option

● Providing optional grips with different shapes

● The number and position of the switches are customized designed

● PWM output drives proportional solenoid valve

● Depending on the proportional solenoid valve to set starting current, maximum current and PWM frequency

● CAN output is an option


Typically used in cranes, loaders, excavators, forklifts, tractors, harvesters and aerial work platforms.

Technical Information

Electrical data


Power supply<36Vdc
Resistance200Q, 1
Electrical Angle±18°
Midian Voltage48%-52% (of Power Supply)
Center Tap Angle±2.5°
On-Load Voltage 32Vdc
Power Dissipation2W (200Ω), 0.5W(1 )
Directional Switch
Load Capacity10A@30Vdc (Resistance Load)
Breakout Angle±
Contact Resistance<200 Ω
Load Capacity10A@30Vdc ( Resistance load )
Expecting life

30 Million Times (Mechanical)

200 Thousand Times (Electrical)

Insulation Resistance> 100MΩ
Breakout Angle±3° ~±
Digital Proportional Amplifier Driver
Power supply
Output Driving CurrentPWM Maximum Current 3A
PWM Freqency100HZ~1000HZ
Minimum Current0-~0.4A
Maximum Current0.4~3A

Mechanical features

Travel angle


Operating typeSpring return, Friction Held
Breakout force5N
Operating force(max)11N
Maximum allowable force>300N
Expecting life

>2 Million Cycles (Potentiometer)

Weight475g (Without handle)

Environmental data

Operating Temperature -30°C-+70C
Storage Temperature -40C~-+85° C
Protection level (Above the flange)


Product Configuration

Product Installation

Electrical Connections


19-36V(VCC)Forward Port
2GNDCenter Tap Port
3Forward drive outputBackward Port
4Backward drive outputSliding End
5Drive output common portCenter switch common port
6switch common portCenter switch (N.0.) Forward
7Center switch (N.O.)switch (N.0.)
8Forward switch (N.0.)Backward switch (N.0.)
9Backward switch (N.O.)