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Multi-axis hand operated joystick

Product Features

● Hall-effect angle detection,long life
● Spring return
● Various output voltage range optional
● Various handle optional


Typical application on aerial platform vehicle, fire-fighter platform vehicle, scissor platform vehicle and other off-highway equipment

Technical Information

Mechanical features

Travel angle±18º
Operating typeSpring return
Breakout force9N
Operating force(max)18N
Maximum allowable force>300N
Expecting life>5 million cycles
Weight420g(without handle)

Electrical data

Power supply5.0±0.5Vdc
Power supply current<9mA(without handle)
<18mA(with BWH handle)
Maximum allowance overload voltage30Vdc
Reverse polarity voltage(max)-15Vdc
Output linearity tolerance<±0.2V
Analog rocker switch power supply5.0±0.5Vdc
Analog rocker switch output voltage1.15V~2.5V~3.85V
Button switchLoad capacity1A@28Vdc
Mechanical life>1million times

Environmental data

Operating Temperature-30℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature-40℃~+85℃
Protection levelIp67


typeSJ8  -  □□  -   □□   -  □□  -  □□  -  □□
Code①   -  ②   -   ③   -  ④  -   ⑤  -   ⑥

1. Product type
SJ8 series joystick, hall effect with spring return, installation dimension 57mm*57mm
2. Operating type

1ASpring return, single-axis forward and backward directional operated
2ACSpring return, dual-axis arbitrary directional operated(with guide groove)

3. Output signal

H51Hall effect, 5Vdcpower supply,0.5~2.5~4.5V output voltage
H52Hall effect, 5Vdcpower supply ,0~2.5~5.0V output voltage
H53Hall effect, 5Vdcpower supply,1.25~2.5~3.75V output voltage

4. Handle

BABA type handle, top without button
HLHL type handle, top without button
HLSHLS type handle, top with button
BWSBWS type handle, top with rocker switch
BWHBWH type handle, top with analog rocker of hall effect (1.15V-2.5V-3.85V output voltage )

5. Connection

DDeutsch connector



Product Installation


Electrical Connections

Deutsch 6-pin connections

3X out
4Y out
5Rocker analog output/Button
6Null/Button switch