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Product Features

● Ergonomic design

● Uniaxial or biaxial operation, spring reset

● Sturdy joystick for harsh environments

● Equipped with 10a@30VDC micro switch, independent switch output

● Upper handles for all types


Drive proportional valves and switching valves for electro-hydraulic control

Rotary drilling RIGS, high-altitude fire engines, cranes, shield machines and other electrical and electro-hydraulic control systems.

Technical data

Mechanical parameter
Operating force**10~20N(self return)
Limit force300N
Life>2000,000(potentiometer) >5000,000(hall)
Weight (base only)500g
**93 mm from pivot point
Electric parameter
Analog/Hall voltage type
Voltage5.0 ± 0.5Vdc
Median voltage2.5±0.15V
Output linear error±3%
Maximum overload voltage30Vdc
Max reverse voltage-15Vdc
Load resistance>10KΩ
Insulation resistance>1000MΩ
Analog/Hall voltage type
Resistance5KΩ,10 KΩ
Median dead zone Angle±3°
Max power0.2W
Micro switch
Configuration 2 micro switches per axis, normally on
Opening Angle2˚~5˚
Load capacity10A@30Vdc(Resistive load)
Insulation ResistanceAbove 100MΩ(500Vdc load capacity)
Enviromental parameter
Operating temperature-30℃~+80℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+85℃
Protection gradeIP65 (above plate)
Product Selection
ModelS191 - ① - ② - ③ - ④- ⑤
operating mode
SASpring return, single-axis forward and backward directional operated
H51Hall effect, each axis of single hall sensor,5Vdc power supply,0.5~2.5~4.5V output voltage
H52Hall effect, each axis of single hall sensor,5Vdc power supply,0~2.5~5.0V output voltage
P051Potentiometer,<36Vdc power supply, with 5KΩ center-tapped potentiometer,0%-100%Vdc output
P101Potentiometer,<36Vdc power supply, with 10KΩ center-tapped potentiometer,0%-100%Vdc output
NANo analog output
Micro switch
NNo micro switch
S1Single axis with a normally open switch in the middle position
S2Single axis with two normally open switches in front and rear directions
MM handle, top palm operated
MLM handle,with lift-up mechanical lock
WW handle,with deadman switch and trigger switch
WSW handle,with deadman switch and top self locking button
Wires connection
LDirect cable outlet (cable specification: AF200,28#, outlet length: 500mm)