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Product Features

● Conductive plastic principle, import substrate brush

● Measure stroke: 25-100mm per increments of 25mm;25- 100mm optional spring reset

● Small size,saving the installation space: 18*18mm

● Linearity: 0.1%

● Mechanical life: 50,000,000

● The optional 4-20mA; 0-5; 0-10V; +5V standard signal output (external signal conversion box)


Electrical Specifications

L(mm)Measuring strokes
25- 100mm:每25mm递增(Increasing every 25mm) can be customized ;25mm、50mm、 75mm,100mm
Resistance values25mm为1KN , 50-100mm为5K2标准型standard form (其他阻值需定制Others can be customized )
Resistance tolerance±15% at20°C
Independence linearity0.1%
Output smoothness≤0.1%
Repeatability≤+0.01% .
Power rating2W(70°C)
Temperature coefficient≤+400PPM/°C
Compressive strength500V.AC 1min
Insulation resistance≥500 MO DC.500V 1min
Operating Temperature-55°C ~ +125°C

Mechanical Specifications

Mechanical travelL+ 3mm
Housing铝合金防静电处理Aluminum alloy anti-static treatment
Operating force4N
Shaftstainless steel
Termination1000mm带屏蔽电缆1000mm Shielded cable
Wiper多合金丝状电刷Multi alloy filamentous brush
Mounting可移动安装夹A movable mounting clamp
Operating Life50,000,000
Temperature range-55°C ~ 125°C
Speed(max)8m/s(f < 2Hz);3m/s(f < 5Hz)

Installation Size