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Product Features

● Precision linearity

● Long mechanical life

● High resolution

● Small dynamic noise

● Convenient and reliable installation


Electrical Properties

Standard Resistance5,10
Resistance Tolerance±15%
Independent Linearity1.0%~0.1%
Electrical Travel50mm~ 650mm(每25mm递增Increasing every 25mm )
Power Rating0.04W/cm ( 70°C )
ResistTemperature Coefficientt400p.p.m./"C
Insulation Resistance≥1000 ( 500VD.C)
Dielectric Strength500V ( AC.RMS)1min
Output Smoothness≤+0.1%

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Travelthe theory electrical trip+ 8mmt2mm
Work force≤7.5N 
Driving devicemetal rod
InstallationTrestle(Center of the variable distance)
The maximal displacement speed10m/s

Environment characteristics

Life Expectancy50*106周cycle
Operating Temperature-55°C~+125°C
Vibration15G 2000HZ
Shock50G 11ms

Installation Size