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Product Features

● Ergonomic design 

● Uniaxial or biaxial operation, spring reset 

● Sturdy joystick for harsh environments

● Equipped with 2a@30VDC micro switch, independent switch output 

● Upper handles for all types


Drive proportional valves and switching valves for electro-hydraulic control

Rotary drilling RIGS, high-altitude fire engines, cranes, shield machines and other electrical and electro-hydraulic control systems.

Technical data

Mechanical parameter
Operating force**10~20N(self return)
Limit force300N
Life>2000,000(potentiometer) >5000,000(hall)
Weight (base only)560g
**93 mm from pivot point
Electric parameter
Analog/Hall voltage type
Voltage5.0 ± 0.5Vdc
Median voltage2.5±0.15V
Output linear error±3%
Maximum overload voltage30Vdc
Max reverse voltage-15Vdc
Load resistance>10KΩ
Insulation resistance>1000MΩ
Analog/Hall voltage type
Resistance5KΩ,10 KΩ
Median dead zone Angle±3°
Max power0.2W
Micro switch
Configuration 2 micro switches per axis, normally on
Opening Angle2˚~5˚
Load capacity10A@30Vdc(Resistive load)
Insulation ResistanceAbove 100MΩ(500Vdc load capacity)
Enviromental parameter
Operating temperature-30℃~+80℃
Storage temperature-40℃~+85℃
Protection gradeIP65 (above plate)
Product Selection
ModelD191 - ① - ② - ③ - ④- ⑤
operating mode
SASpring return, single-axis forward and backward directional operated
DACSpring return, dual-axis cross directional operated
DAPSpring return, dual-axis arbitrary directional operated
H51Hall effect, each axis of single hall sensor,5Vdc power supply,0.5~2.5~4.5V output voltage
H52Hall effect, each axis of single hall sensor,5Vdc power supply,0~2.5~5.0V output voltage
P051Potentiometer,<36Vdc power supply, with 5KΩ center-tapped potentiometer,0%-100%Vdc output
P101Potentiometer,<36Vdc power supply, with 10KΩ center-tapped potentiometer,0%-100%Vdc output
NANo analog output
Micro switch
NNo micro switch
S1Single axis with a normally open switch in the middle position
S2Single axis with two normally open switches in front and rear directions
S4Dual axis, each axis with two normally open switches in front and back direction
MM handle, top palm operated
CC handle,top without button
CSC handle,top with button
WW handle,with deadman switch and trigger switch
WSW handle,with deadman switch and top self locking button
Wires connection
LDirect cable outlet (cable specification: AF200,28#, outlet length: 500mm)
CTerminal outlet