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Product Features

● Adopting the principle of sensor production, it has good linearity and stable temperature.

● Adopting the function by sofware, can be customized according to requirements.

● It is non-contact, avoid the abrasion of traditional potentiometer. It has a long life and high reliability.

● Due to the cancellation of the brush substrate in the traditional potentiometer, the effective stroke reached 360 degrees, so it has no blind area measurement.

● Variety types of output signal (0-5V/0- 10V/4- -20mA/ serial digital signal output). It is convenient to collect and process the signal.

● Can realize the change of the effective stroke and output signal through software to meet a variety of special requirements.

● A wide range of applications and flexible usage.


Wiring instructions


General specifications

Theory electrical corner360°(No stop bit )Mechanical life

Theoretically infinite

(depending on the bearing life)

Use environment-30°C~ +80°CWeightabout 60g
Storage temperature-30°C~+80°CShellAluminum alloy, anodized surface
Levels of protectionIP54ShaftStainless steel
Starting torque< 5mN.mBearing2 sets of precision ball bearings

Electrical Properties

Theory electrical corner360°
Independent linear degreesstandard level : 0.3%; precision level : 0.2% ; UItra precision stage :0.1%
Resolution4096 bit ( 12bit )
Sampling rate384us/96us (high speed )
Working current5V± 10%15~30V
Output signal 0~5V ( ratio )4~24mA
Maximum operating current< 16mA<35mA
Output deviation from the beginning to the end<1%.VCC<0.05mA
Load resistance> 10KQ<600

Optional features

Output rangeStandard output 0~ 100%
Output directionStandard for clockwise signal output, also can be set to counterclockwise signal output.
Other output modeCan realize the special wide voltage 9~30V input, 4~20mA0~ 20mA output; wide voltage 0~5V, PWM output.
Special shaft typeAccording to customer requirements diameter, or shaft special processing.
MechanicalSpecial mechanical rotationWith a stop bit (345 degree), can provide 270°、180°、90° and ofther special mechanical angle and also can be customized.
Special torqueProducing light torque products <0.5mN m and high torque produicts or <30mN - M.
Special protection gradeProvide products with special protection grade more than IP54.

If you have other special requirements (such as digital signal, the output signal of the PWM etc.) please contact us.

Installation Size

Output circuitry