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Product Features

● Modular design.

● Single and double-axis friction positioning with self-locking in the middle position.

● Pure silver contacts to ensure product lifespan.

● Rated current up to 380V 10A for reliable performance.

● Lifespan exceeding 5 million cycles.

● Installation board meets the IP64 protection level or higher.


The SJ300 series industrial joystick is primarily used in AC voltage circuits of 50Hz and 60Hz with a voltage of 380V, as well as in DC voltage circuits up to 220V. It is designed for controlling motor starting, speed regulation, direction changing, and braking in crane transportation mechanisms and electrical control equipment. This product is mainly applied in environments such as seaports, docks, coal mines, or outdoor operations.

Technical Information

Environment Parameter

Storage temperature


Operating temperature


Protection grade


Mechanical Parameter

Mechanical angle

Potentiometer:±32° , Hall: ±20°

Operating torque

5N (50Nmax)

Mechanical life

5 million

Mechanical error


Electrical Parameters

Power supply voltage


Power consumption of current

10 A